Best Shock Collars For Large Dogs In 2022 – Reviews And Top Picks

By | May 8, 2022

The Best Collars For Large Dogs 2021 Reviews And Top Picks

Best Shock Collars For Large Dogs: While shock collars are controversial, many trainers swear by them. However, it’s hard to find one that works for all types of dogs because a jolt that will fry a Chihuahua might not even register for a Great Dane.

That’s why it’s so important to find one that fits your specific dog. Buying a good one might give yourself a powerful training shortcut, but a bad one could derail your efforts — or worse, injure your dog.

In the reviews below, we discuss some of our favorite large dog collars – as well as some that belong in the scrap heap rather than around your pet’s neck.

Best Shock Collars For Large Dogs

Best Shock Collars For Large Dogs

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites:

PetSpy P620 The Best Shock Collar For Large Dogs 2021

Reviews Of The Best Shock Collar For Large Dogs 2021

PetSpy P620 is designed to be used blindly so you can focus on your dog and not the remote when you need to correct him. The buttons are all recognizable by touch, so you can give your dog your full attention after a while.

The remote control has a range of 650 meters, so you can work on your dog from a distance if you want to teach him to walk loose. There are three training modes to choose from, each with 16 intensities.

This collar is suitable for dogs up to 64 kg.

While the company has a training eBook, it is not a substitute for a trained trainer. Battery life is also a bit short, so expect to only get a day or two out of it per charge.

However, when fully squeezed, the PetSpy P620 is the best shock collar we’ve found, and it truly deserves the top spot in our rankings.


Pet Union PT0Z1 Premium Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Remote – Fully Waterproof

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The Pet Union PTOZ1 doesn’t have the same range as the PetSpy above it, but it’s still a comparable collar at a budget-friendly price. It is our first choice for large dog shock collars.

Although the PTOZ1 has a range of 300 meters, it is about half as long as the PetSpy. However, the battery life lasts much longer. To use the PTOZ1, you have to look at the buttons. Fortunately, the large LCD screen makes it easy to find out, and it works both day and night.

This collar has four modes instead of three, each of which can be adjusted from 1-100. We don’t think all modes are winners, but it’s nice to have options.

It’s extremely durable, even for its price, and it’s completely waterproof, so you can use it while swimming or exercising in the rain.

While we don’t think the Pet Union PTOZ1 performs as well as the PetSpy in our opinion, it’s worth the cost.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Battery life is long
  • Large LCD screen
  • Four training modes
  • Completely waterproof.


SportDOG Brand Sport Trainer 875 Remote Trainer



The SportDOG Brand 425 is a great accessory to change unwanted behavior if you are a professional trainer. However, ordinary owners may find it overkill, both in terms of the features it offers and the price it commands.

You can train three dogs at once with one controller (although you will need to buy three separate collars). This is great for anyone leading group classes, but if you are a daily owner it might be overwhelming.

You can also customize the buttons to your liking, and the company provides both a detailed manual and an instructional DVD with every purchase. But again, this can be intimidating and you may not be willing to do the necessary homework to get the maximum value from this collar.

It is waterproof and submersible up to 7.6m, making it ideal for training hunting dogs. It charges in two hours and has good battery life.

Ultimately, the SportDOG Brand 425 is arguably the best collar on the market – and certainly the most advanced. All those features won’t do you much good, though, if you never learn how to use them.


  • Can train three dogs at once
  • Great for professional trainers
  • Buttons can be customized
  • Comes with detailed manual and instructional DVDs
  • Charges quickly with a long battery life


PATPET Dog Training Collar with Remote 

PATPET320 is equipped with an automatic shut-off system that ensures that the dog is no longer startled after 10 seconds. This is to prevent accidental continuous shocks, such as those that can occur if you put the remote control in your pocket, for example.

We’re glad it has this safety feature. However, ten seconds seems too long. We believe that you should never have to zap your dog for so long.

You can choose from one to sixteen correction modes. Once you reach six, your dog will start to feel it. Higher settings can cause confusion and pain, rather than improve behavior.

There are also vibration and sound modes that may be more effective than the shock setting. The vibration can be set fairly high, so you can definitely get your mutts’ attention without hurting them.

The buttons are close together, which is good for users with small hands, but can cause errors in the heat of battle.

While the PATPET 320 can modify behavior, it is more effective than when used to shock collars. It’s hard to rank it higher than 5th.


  • Automatically turns off for safety
  • Vibration and sound modes work well
  • For users with small hands


  • Not as effective as the other forms of shock
  • High settings can be painful
  • Easy to press the wrong button


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