Can dogs eat corn? Best Guide 2022

Can dogs eat corn
Can dogs eat corn
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Can dogs eat corn?

Absolutely. Our research shows that corn in dog food is not only edible, but also beneficial to health, a fact confirmed by our nutrition experts. However, many non-scientific publications raise various questions, including: can dogs eat corn, is corn good for dogs, or is corn harmful to dogs? Rely on the opinion of experts based on studies to get an idea.

Is corn bad for dogs and is it just a filler in dog food?

No, corn is not harmful to dogs and it is definitely not a filler. On the contrary, it has nutritional benefits. Filler ingredients are those ingredients in pet foods that have little or no nutrition. But each ingredient in our formulas has an important function and contributes to providing balanced nutrition for your pet. Maize is especially the case for corn.

Is corn edible for dogs?

Not only are the grains edible, but they are also good for them. Grains can be nutritious for dogs and cats, according to Lisa Freeman, veterinary nutritionist and clinical professor of nutrition at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. “Cats and dogs digest and metabolize grains very well.” She says. Even more so when the corn is cooked properly. It is a highly digestible source of carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and protein, in addition to being one of the most naturally antioxidant-rich grains. 

Is corn good for dogs?

Corn in dog food provides the following key nutrients, among others:

  • Protein: The corn gluten meal we use is an important source of protein and amino acids, which are essential for keeping dogs’ muscles, skin and coat healthy.
  • Carbohydrates: Whole corn or cornmeal is an easily digestible source of carbohydrates that gives your dog energy.
  • Linoleic Acid: Dogs cannot produce this omega-6 fatty acid on their own. It is found in corn and is a key component in helping your dog maintain healthy skin, coat and immune system.
  • Antioxidants: Corn contains antioxidants like vitamin E and beta-carotene, which help support immune system health.
  • Fiber: Corn is a source of fiber and promotes gut health as well as motility.

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Is corn bad for dogs with allergies?

According to the clinical team at Tufts University Nutrition Department, “Food allergies in animals are uncommon, and grain allergies are rarer.”

Less than 1% of dogs are likely to have corn sensitivity. Of course, if your dog falls into this small group, you should offer him a corn-free diet. But corn is a beneficial addition to 99% of dogs’ diets, so we’re proud to include this nutritious ingredient in a wide variety of our pet foods.

If you suspect your dog has an allergy, a veterinarian is the only person qualified to tell you whether or not he should eat corn. To arrive at a diagnosis of food sensitivity or allergy, a veterinarian must perform a food elimination test.

How to make the decision?

The decision is up to you. Ultimately, you decide what food to give your dog, whether or not it contains corn. However, the opinion of experts on the subject can guide you, because it is based on science.


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