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We all know that dogs love to play. Still: what could be more fun than running around a park or square with the owner, carrying a fallen branch or ball in your teeth, chasing birds, exploring puddles, wallowing in leaves or splashing in a pond?

However, with all the love for our pets, we do not always find time for a full-fledged game with them. Why is it important to play with your dog regularly?


  1. The game is not a whim of your pet, but a real necessity. In his activity, games are far from the last place. During the game, the dog not only learns the world, but also throws out the energy accumulated during the day and develops physically.
  2. Playing is not only fun together, but also a great way to raise a loyal and obedient dog. After all, when your pet realizes that a walk is a fun pastime for him, he will not want to leave you a single step.
  3. Playing is a great way to learn new commands and useful skills. A playful approach will make any training more fun and easier.
  4. And finally, play is one of the best ways to bond with your pet. This entertaining process will help you observe the behavior of the animal, get to know and understand it as best as possible.

Game learning

With the right approach, getting your dog interested in the game is quite simple. If you succeed, try to get the most out of the game and teach your pet useful skills. For this purpose, there are many educational games, for example, search for objects.

The rules are pretty simple: hide your dog’s favorite toy or treat from your dog and send it out to find the lost dog. You can even play hide-and-seek with your pet: he will be happy to find you too. Well, if you have children or other pets live in your house besides the dog, try to involve them in the game too: joint entertainment perfectly cultivates communication skills in animals.

Training or play?

If you are serious about training, remember that most of the commands can be easily mastered in the gameplay. For example, playing with a ball will help your pet learn the “Sit” command faster. Yes, yes, do not be surprised: even between an active game and a team calling for calm, you can find a connection.

It is enough to understand that the animal is passionate and carefully follows your every gesture. Just raise your hand with the ball as high as possible above the dog’s head, and you will see that your pet will sit down on its own, just so as not to lose sight of the cherished toy. You just have to repeat the tricky trick several times, giving the right command until the pet masters it. However, in the methodology of game learning it is very important to draw a line between the team and entertainment. It’s one thing to run after the ball, another thing is to bring it and give it to the owner.

“Wrong” games

Be careful: not all games affect the upbringing of a dog in a positive way. However, it all depends on you and your approach to the process. Take, for example, the simple game of Catch-Up. If you let your dog know that running away from you is fun, and you encourage it in every possible way, you are guaranteed disobedience during walks. But it is worth swapping places with your pet and starting to run away from him – and he will instantly understand how important it is to be near you and feel your leadership.

Try to observe how your pet’s temperament changes and avoid “wrong” games: these include “teasing” and other entertainment that can cause aggression, such as too active “tugging” of a toy or fighting with the owner. It is also not recommended to allow the dog to play with a leash or a muzzle and, even more so, to bite for fun: a bad habit will develop quickly, but you will get rid of it for a very, very long time.

How do puppies play?

It is especially important not to make a mistake in choosing a game when it comes to raising a puppy. Little pets love to play, their curiosity knows no bounds, and often not only toys, but also shoes, and even interior items become an object for their entertainment. But do not rush to scold and punish your pet for tricks.

Better watch him and try to understand what he is most interested in. Puppies love objects that make sounds, and if you can also run after them, there will be no limit to delight! But the most important thing is the company: the more attention you pay to your pet, the more entertaining and fun any game will be for him.

Where and how to play with an adult dog?

Entertaining an adult dog at home is much more difficult. Especially when it comes to representatives of medium and large breeds – you won’t play much with them in an apartment. Of course, you can always give your dog a chew toy or play hide and seek with him – he will gladly support any entertainment you offer. However, a large pet needs constant activity and a sufficient amount of physical activity. That is why we recommend walking your dog more often, because the street is the best play space, with almost no boundaries! Here you can run, and jump, and catch thrown objects on the fly, and even dive into ponds after them!

There are a lot of mobile and exciting games for dogs or puppies, the main thing is your desire. Of course, a four-legged pet can find entertainment on its own, but do not forget: dogs endlessly need your attention. Therefore, if your pet invites you to play, do not neglect this call! Spend more time with him, and love and trust in you will grow with him.

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