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How to adopt a dog from a shelter?

How to adopt a dog from a shelter: what you need to know

Do you want to help homeless animals and decide to adopt a dog from a shelter? We will tell you how to choose a pet and where to look for it. As part of the Friend for a Friend project ( , PURINA ® cooperates with foundations and shelters that not only provide shelter for homeless animals, but also support a culture of responsible attitude towards them: they provide qualified veterinary care, organize festivals and exhibitions, follow the fate of the dogs that have found a new home. You can find out about our partners on the pages of the site .

How to choose a shelter

The easiest way to choose a shelter is on a territorial basis: you can go there and see with your own eyes in what conditions the animals are kept. It is highly desirable to first obtain information from independent sources (from familiar volunteers, from the Internet and the media). You need to find out what kind of reputation the shelter has, how the behavioral problems of pets are solved, how they eat, and what are the conditions for transferring animals to new owners.

If the need to go for a new friend for several tens of kilometers does not scare you, then use the pet search form on our website and select a dog from a photo. After you contact the curator, you will need to go through a preliminary interview and arrange a personal meeting.

Thanks to the Friend for Friend online service, it is possible to adopt a dog from a shelter located in a remote region, thereby helping animals that have very little chance of finding a new family. You can directly contact our partners:

  • the international charitable foundation for helping animals ” Giving Hope “, which regularly organizes exhibitions and facilities, assists in the sterilization of animals;
  • the charitable Foundation for Helping Homeless Animals ” NIKA “, which regularly holds “WOOF” festivals for the adoption of pets;
  • the rehabilitation center for temporarily homeless animals ” YUNA “, where special attention is paid to the culture of relations between new owners and pets.

In addition, the service provides a comprehensive approach to finding a pet, that is, it not only makes it possible to pick up a dog or puppy, find out which shelter they are in, but also gives certain guarantees that the animals are prepared for life at home.

How to choose a dog

Whom to take – an adult dog or a puppy? If you take an adult dog, then the animal will be socialized, but this does not mean that its adaptation in the family will go smoothly. You may have to spend more time learning a new daily routine, getting used to new people. Show tact and patience, and the dog will definitely accept your conditions.

Puppies adopted from a shelter can also cause trouble. Despite the fact that small pets did not live on the street, when moving to a new house, the so-called genetic memory can work for them. Pets that end up in shelters are usually outbred, so many habits are passed on to them from outbred parents.

To avoid problems with raising a pet, be sure to find out how the curator characterizes him (what is the state of health of the pet, what he can do, in what conditions he lived before) and what he advises to do to establish contact with the dog. Each shelter contains dozens of animals, so there is always the opportunity to choose a pet just for you.

Become a volunteer

If you’re not sure if you can befriend a stray dog, consider volunteering at a shelter. Any of them will be happy to help, both financial and practical. Thus, you can learn more about the behavior of homeless pets, get useful experience in keeping and raising adult dogs and puppies. Volunteer work will help you understand whether you are ready for the appearance of a pet in your life, will allow you to make an informed decision.

Requirements for the applicant

You need to know that dogs from shelters are not given to everyone. You will have to prove that the pet will be in good hands, that it will be provided with quality maintenance and care, and that all members of your family unanimously agree to accept a new tenant into the house.

Before applying, consider whether you can free up your work schedule at least in the first few weeks. Moving to a new home will be a serious stress for the dog, so you need to spend some time with him. The first days in a new environment are the most important for establishing a trusting relationship between the owner and the pet.

If your circumstances suddenly change, there are good reasons for abandoning the animal, do not drive it out into the street. Contact the shelter curators and return the dog. No one will judge you, and the pet will definitely find a new owner.

How to pick up a pet

As a rule, all expenses for transportation and maintenance of the pet in the shelter are borne by the new owner. Discuss the amount with the curator in advance. Prepare for your pet’s arrival home : buy a bed for him to sleep, toys and food, explain to the children how to behave with a dog. It is better to come for her in your car or hire a taxi. Public transport will not be comfortable for you or your dog, and too noisy environment can scare the animal.

How to transport a pet and how to communicate with him in the first days of meeting your family, you can learn from the article ” The first days of a puppy in the house “. Thanks to you, the animal shelter will have one or maybe a few fewer guests. Together with PURINA ® you give stray dogs a chance for a new life.

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