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The most beautiful legends about the origin of dog breeds. The Smallest shepherd dogs in the world have gained just wild popularity. “Korzhikov” is loved for its charming appearance and, for the most part, quick wits. And the legend about the origin of this breed is amazingly beautiful.

Once upon a time, modern England, as such, did not exist. A gloomy sky hung on the site of the current monarchy, dense and impenetrable forests grew. England is known for its rainy climate, it always has been. Clouds were gathering over the forests and pouring walls of rain onto the ground.

And in the forests lived fairies – a small, magical people. The fairies were very afraid of the rain, because the moisture washed away the magic pollen from their wings. The fairy, deprived of fairy dust, is doomed to death, she cannot walk on the earth, her destiny is air and beautiful flowers. Fairies can only touch flowers, only magical creatures rest on them.

The fairy people were rapidly decreasing due to constant rains. The fairies were saddened, trying to save their remaining sisters. And then, in a moment of great despair, the oldest fairy came up with an unusual thought. It is necessary to create small creatures that are not afraid of water, are very obedient and can transport fairies without letting them touch the ground.

The fairy sisters were very happy with the idea, cast a spell together and were very surprised to see the fruit of their work. The sorceresses conjured an outlandish beast with large, pointed ears and brown eyes. The beast turned out with short legs and a long body so that several fairies could fit on it at once.

So there were dogs that served as horses for sorceresses. And then, on the territory of present-day England, the first people began to appear. People immediately began to cut down forests and, having met a fairy, caught her. Touching a human palm, the tiny sorceress turned into a drop of dew.

Looking at the lawlessness that was happening, the fairies decided to leave their usual places. The sorceresses did not have time to pick up their beloved dogs, people were ahead of them. And it was like this: the children of the first settlers wandered into the remaining forests, where the dogs of the sorceresses frolicked. The children caught them, took them home, where the adults marveled at the unusual appearance of the animals. Dogs at first were shy of people, then they got used to it and began to give offspring. This is how the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed was born .

Sometimes, on summer evenings, Pembrokes can suddenly sit on the ground, throw their heads up and look at one point for several seconds. And then, the dogs become excited if there is a forest nearby, they strive to run there. Modern owners get scared and think that something strange happened to the pet . In fact, nothing terrible happened, just the “cake” saw a fairy, and she touched his nose and disappeared into the forest.

Legend has it that fairies, being invisible to human eyes, sometimes visit the descendants of their dogs. A happy fate awaits the shortbread, whose nose was touched by a fairy: he will be distinguished by good health and an outstanding mind.

The most beautiful legends about the origin of dog breeds

Irish wolfhound

The most beautiful legends about the origin of dog breeds
The most beautiful legends about the origin of dog breeds

Many centuries ago, the territory of modern Ireland was inhabited by the Celts. Then Ireland was called Erin, it was ruled by a wise Celtic king. And the king had a daughter – a young and beautiful princess.

But unfortunately for the princess, she fell in love with a cruel and very powerful druid. Druids were priests of the Celtic people, they were considered sorcerers and soothsayers. And some, especially strong ones , became advisers to kings. This druid was close to the king.

The beautiful princess did not reciprocate the sorcerer. He tried in every possible way to get her love, but to no avail. Enraged, accustomed to getting what he wanted, the druid resorted to magic. He decided to permanently turn the princess into a dog.

But the vengeful druid did not suspect that the nurse of the princess also came from a family of druids and owned magic. The woman learned about the insidious idea and, with the help of her own powers, managed to remake the spell that the druid planned to use. According to the new spell, the princess could turn into a human only by becoming a mother in the form of a dog.

As time went on, the dog princess gave birth to two puppies – a boy and a girl. Immediately after the birth of the babies, she again turned into a man, and her angry father ordered the puppies to be drowned. The old nurse of the princess dissuaded the king from his plan, because if the puppies die, their mother will again turn into a dog. The kids were taken to the palace, they lived in their own chambers, had the best dog nannies.

A few years later, the puppies grew up and had their own children. This is how the Irish wolfhound breed appeared – huge gray dogs, the size of a pony, with a kind heart and a cheerful disposition.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

formidable ridgeback

A large breed, known for its serious nature and hair on the back, forming a comb. There is a beautiful legend that tells about the origin of the ridgeback.

A large, red dog settled by the Limpopo River . This happened many, many years ago, when man did not yet have access to Africa. At that time, Africa was inhabited by numerous animals, among which were giraffes . Only the former giraffes were larger and taller than modern ones, they were distinguished by a serious disposition and the local four-legged population was afraid of them. Except for our main character – a red dog. The dog really liked giraffes: their majestic appearance, the ability to conduct serious and intelligent conversations, and their proud disposition.

And the dog decided to make friends with one family of giraffes. At first, things went badly, the ruminants drove her away, mocked her in every possible way and demonstrated their lack of need for a new acquaintance. But the cute dog managed to melt the harsh hearts, the mother of the family, the venerable giraffe, could not stand it first. Then the head of the family also surrendered.

The dog did his best to be useful to new friends, especially when he found out about the imminent replenishment in their family. The dog was the first to see the newborn and fell in love with him at first sight. The dog took care of the baby: walked with him, played, talked about how wide and vast the world was, protected him from evil enemies. The parents of the little one, seeing such a touching attitude of the dog to their child, were even more imbued with her.

But once a misfortune happened, a lion wound up in the district – a loner. He was probably expelled from the pride, the king of beasts turned out to be too evil and vile. The lion destroyed local animals in the most cruel ways, and the game with the future victim became the favorite pastime of the predator.

Once a little giraffe was left alone, without the supervision of his parents and his friend – a dog. The lion, already full, took the baby by surprise and drove him into the wilds of the jungle. The parents heard the cry of their child, but did not have time to run to the place where they left the baby.

Moaning and crying captured Africa, all the giraffes mourned the baby. The dog that came running to his parents tried to console them, at the same time sniffing at the hot earth. Finally, she managed to take the lion’s trail, the brave dog rushed forward, hoping to have time to help his little friend. The dog ran at such a speed that the giraffes-parents simply did not have time for it, being left far behind.

The scent led the dog to the predator’s lair. And next to the lair, trembling and crying, stood a small giraffe. The lion, imposingly lying down next to the baby, showed him snow-white fangs and described in colors how he would tear the baby with them.

Dog. Hearing this, he barked menacingly, diverting the attention of the lion. The predator turned to the dog, rose to its paws, growled loudly. The king of animals was sure that the dog would be frightened, but she looked at him with a piercing look and growled softly in response. The dog was playing for time, deftly maneuvering under the nose of a lion, because help in the form of giraffes is about to arrive in time.

And the lion was so carried away by the capture of the dog that he did not have time to track the appearance of the parent giraffes. Behind them, other giraffes were pulled up, enraged by the act of a predator. When the king of beasts finally saw them, it was already too late. Giraffes pounced on him and trampled him to death.

The baby’s parents no longer looked forward to seeing him alive, their meeting is difficult to describe in words. The delicate dog, understanding what his friends are now experiencing, decided to quietly leave. But the little giraffe did not allow his friend to do this, he cheerfully jumped up to him and licked his back. The hair, wet from saliva, stood up like a comb, and it remained so.

When people tamed the descendants of the red dog, they called them ridgebacks, which means “comb on the back.”


This happened several thousand years ago. At that time, modern South and North Korea did not yet exist, impenetrable forests grew on the site of cities, and the sun burned so that it burned alive.

And it must happen that one monk, a follower of Buddhism, wandered into these forests. The hermit, seeking solitude, studied the language of animals and birds from the ancient book of animals. Now this book has disappeared, and in those days it was opened only to those who were pure in heart, thoughts and wanted to learn the animal language in order to help animals.


The monk settled in the forests, and the local four-legged inhabitants took the man for their own. The hermit consoled everyone, helped with advice, bestowed a smile. The animals that came to the monk for advice, being sad, left him inspired.

Once a formidable lion came to the hermit. The forest dwellers were afraid of the king of beasts, who became famous for his tough temper. Who could have known that love had already settled in the heart of a predator for a long time … Unrequited, unrequited, from this – simply painful.

The king of animals fell in love with … a monkey. The lion confessed his feelings to her, but the monkey… A small, nimble, beautiful baby refused the predator, referring to the difference in height, appearance and formidable disposition of the lion.

It was then that the king of beasts came to the monk, asking him for advice and consolation. The lion was ready to give everything for the love of the little monkey. And the hermit offered him to give up his own greatness, power over other animals, to become small and weak. Leo, without hesitation, agreed to sacrifice all this. As soon as the predator voiced his desire, he immediately became the same height as his beloved monkey. Small and weak, anyone could offend him. But the former king of animals did not regret his decision.

Seeing such sacrifice, the monkey finally answered him “yes.” The lovers got married, and the Pekingese became the fruit of their love and union. A small dog with the face of a monkey and the character of a lion.

Mexican hairless dog

origin of dog breeds
origin of dog breeds

One of the most unusual breeds

One of the oldest breeds on earth, whose origin is shrouded in darkness. Naked dogs were worshiped, considering them a deity. They were sacrificed, trying to propitiate the ancient gods.

And the legend about the origin of the Mexican hairless dog is as follows … Many years ago, representatives of the breed lived in Africa, wore beautiful wool and were kind-hearted. They had their own clan, headed by a king and queen.

One day the king’s daughter went missing. Parents and courtiers were knocked off their feet, looking for the beautiful princess. But she seemed to have sunk into the water, the grief of her parents is difficult to describe in words. They believed that local predators killed their only daughter.

How wrong the king and queen were! In fact, the princess went for a walk in the forest. And there, behind the trees, there was a thin cry. And there was so much pain in this cry that the royal person hurried to the rescue.

The eyes of the princess appeared a child who had barely learned to walk. An ordinary, human child sat in a clearing and screamed thinly. Apparently, the baby was frightened, hungry and cold.

Then the dog threw off his hair in order to warm the human child. The princess sat down next to him, trying to entertain the child. For two days the royal person did not leave the crumbs, at the dawn of the third, the baby’s parents found them.

The child’s parents were happy, they did not expect to find the baby alive. In gratitude for his salvation, people took the dog with them. At first, they hoped that the animal would grow hair, and then the parents of the rescued child would be able to let the dog go. But time passed, and the princess – the dog remained naked. This is how the Mexican Hairless Dog was born.


origin of dog breeds
origin of dog breeds

Cropped boxers are rare these days.

When the gods created dogs, they used clay to create them. Many fine breeds have been created: big and small, fat and thin, useful and beautiful. But the gods did not like their creations, they wanted to create a dog – perfection. The patron goddess of animals took up the matter. She pored over the ideal dog for a long time and finally achieved what she wanted. And then the goddess was distracted, she postponed her work.

And the dog again molded from clay decided to show the rest who is in charge here. The animal demanded submission from other dogs, because it heard how the goddess called her creation perfection. Small breeds obeyed the requirements, but the large ones categorically refused to obey the new dog.

She became angry and rushed at those who dared to refuse the offer. The dogs did not remain in debt, a fight ensued and shreds flew through the back streets.

One of the large dogs, during a fight, hit the offender in the nose. And the clay, from which the new dog was fashioned, had not yet completely dried out. The nose flattened, the goddess, the patroness of animals, ran to the noise. Seeing the muzzle of her creation, she laughed. The goddess left the dog’s nose flattened, as a memory of impatience and a fighting disposition.


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