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When Do German Shepherd Puppies Open Their Eyes?

In Germany, the German Shepherd is called Deutscher Schäferhund according to Wikipedia. He is a large working dog. He is a modern purebred dog despite his wolf-like appearance.

He got the term “working dog” because he was trained to herd sheep. In the United States, he is the second most registered dog and the 7th in the United Kingdom.

When a German Shepherd mom gives birth, she can produce up to 15 litters. Sandra Weiland, in her YouTube, showed how adorable German Shepherd puppies can be.

At two weeks old, she says her German Shepherd puppies are starting to crawl and open their eyes.

When Do German Shepherd Puppies Open Their Eyes?

In general, a German Shepherd puppy can open their eyes between 7 and 10 days after birth. However, he still sees nothing. At this age, their eyes cannot yet focus. A German Shepherd can begin to focus and see things after about 14 days, after birth.

The first week of a German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherd Lore revealed that the development of a German Shepherd begins at birth. At birth, his ears and eyes are closed. His umbilical cord is still attached. His heartbeat is slow. The first three days of a German Shepherd puppy’s life are the most critical.

After three or four days, the German Shepherd puppy’s umbilical cord dries out and falls off.

At this point, your German Shepherd puppy relies on its mother for everything. His mother will feed him, clean him and protect him from everything.

The second week of a German Shepherd puppy

During its second week, a German Shepherd’s heart rate will quicken. His temperature also begins to normalize. At two weeks, a German Shepherd puppy’s nervous system is not yet fully developed.

At this age, he begins to open his eyes and ears. After the second week, he may have his eyes and ears completely open. At this age, a German Shepherd puppy also begins to crawl and can defecate on its own. A German Shepherd’s first step often takes place two weeks after birth.

Under normal circumstances, a German Shepherd baby will open their eyes at around 10 days old according to

The third week of a German Shepherd puppy

During his third week, your German Shepherd puppy begins to socialize. He can walk and begins to explore the surroundings. At this point, he begins to bond with other puppies and with humans. His emotional development also begins to develop.

Your puppy begins to roam. A simple noise will make it react. He will start noticing other living things like cats or other animals in the house. He will start noticing you, his owner.

The fourth week of a German Shepherd puppy

After a month, you will start to notice your German Shepherd puppy starting to play with his littermates. You can also present him with an animal toy. At this age, he will also begin to play with humans.

At one month, a German Shepherd puppy already has full teeth. His temperature is now normal, as is his heart rate.

The second and third month of a German Shepherd puppy

At six weeks old, you should start grooming your German Shepherd puppy. You should also start exposing your puppy to children to see how he will react or behave around them.

At the age of two or three months, your puppy learns quickly. His motor skills have greatly improved and he has reached sexual maturity.

The four to six month old German Shepherd puppy

Your German Shepherd puppy is no longer considered a puppy at this age. At six months old, a German Shepherd is now considered an adult. A female German Shepherd experiences her first period of estrus at this age.

For male and female German Shepherds, this is their juvenile stage. This means that this is the most active phase of their life. Your dog wants to go out all the time, to play or run. It’s about doing outdoor activities.

A German Shepherd Puppy’s First Year and Beyond

While a female German Shepherd reaches sexual maturity at six months, a male German Shepherd reaches it at one year. He now raises a paw when he urinates to show he owns and leads.

After 12 months of being by your side, you can now feel the bond your dog has with you. You can also start reading your dog’s body language at this age and enroll him in a training class.

Your German Shepherd will continue to mature until he is three years old.

What to do if your German Shepherd puppy hasn’t opened its eyes after two weeks?

If it’s been two weeks and your pup hasn’t opened his eyes yet, you can check his eyes for dirt (birth dirt). You can remove it by gently cleaning your puppy’s eyes, including his eyelids and eyelashes. Use a cotton ball dipped in warm water to clean your puppy’s eye.

If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t worry. You can do it again the next day, according to

If you notice swelling on your pup’s eye, you can apply the same cleaning strategy. If the eye is infected, use salt water to clean his eyes. A drop of salt water two to three times a day should do the trick.

What are common eye problems in German Shepherds?

German Shepherds of all ages are susceptible to eye problems. Some of the most common eye problems German Shepherds are prone to include:

  • Cataracts
  • Corneal dystrophy
  • Distichiasis
  • Ectropion
  • Entropion
  • Glaucoma
  • Dry eye
  • Persistent pupillary membranes
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Retinal dysplasia

According to, it is best to have your German Shepherd checked regularly, especially his eyes.

For cataracts, German Shepherds can undergo surgery to have it removed, provided your German Shepherd is healthy enough to undergo the operation.

If you are buying a German Shepherd puppy, ask the breeder if the puppy has been examined by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist.

This is one of the best ways to ensure your German Shepherd puppy doesn’t have serious eye problems in the future.

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