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Howling as a result of fear and stress when parting with the owner

Why does a dog howl when alone? This is how she expresses her sadness and longing. She may be anxious in the absence of the owner, or simply bored. One of the reasons for howling is a lack of education, when the dog is not accustomed to being alone, does not know what to do and does not find a place for itself. Also, the cause may be excessive, even neurotic attachment to the owner, when the dog cannot remain without the owner even for a few minutes.

Howling is different. It happens that the dog will howl for half an hour, when the owner has left, and will be silent. And it happens that she continues to howl all the time of her absence, at the same time she destroys the apartment and, in general, behaves uneasily.

Lack of upbringing

When a puppy enters the house, it is often not let go and is very pampered. Many owners want the dog to be with them all the time because for them it is a new story, a new animal and a new love for a sweet and defenseless creature. It seems to the owners that the dog will suffer without them, and they carefully carry it in their arms, put it with them at the table and put it with them in bed.

And here comes the moment when they have to leave the dog at home alone for the first time. The animal experiences tremendous stress, and as a reaction to this stress, a wild howl arises, full of sadness and loneliness.

Therefore, from a very young age, starting from 4-6 weeks, the dog must be socialized – introduced to the street, to other people and dogs. And from 12 weeks you can already take them to group classes so that the dog communicates with its own kind, knows how to follow basic commands and understands that it’s okay if the owner leaves it for a couple of hours

Correctional training

If the dog is generally in order, just not sufficiently educated, then simple training will help her. The handler will show specific commands to help both the dog and the owner deal with the howling problem, helping the dog get used to being alone sometimes.

If the dog needs corrective training with medical support, then only a behavior specialist can handle it. Correction is carried out according to specific behavior modification protocols and can take from several weeks to several months.

Cognitive dysfunctions and methods for their correction

With age, cognitive dysfunctions occur in animals – memory loss, impaired mental performance, when the dog begins to forget a lot, behave unscrupulously, confuses day and night. During this period, even a well-mannered dog, for which this has not been observed before, may begin to howl at night.

There are certain medications that can help slow or reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction, but mental stress on animals is just as effective.

If the dog’s age can already be called solid, then the owner needs to spend more time with the pet. He can start re-training the dog, regardless of its age. Teach her to follow new commands, offer her new toys and walk a lot with her in the fresh air. It is also necessary to equip the animal with a place, if this has not been done before. It can be a box or a closed bed where the dog will feel safe and where he can always hide.


Emphasis on nutrition

In order for the dog to feel good, and she does not have the need to howl at the moon out of fear and anxiety, it is especially important in adulthood and advanced age to monitor her nutrition.

Use foods that are fully prepared and balanced for adult dogs, as they support all vital functions in perfect condition, allowing the animal to remain cheerful, active, inquisitive and cheerful for as long as possible.

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